Amps & sources :

Atoll Electronique famous hifi 100% made in France
Devialet new hybrid amplifier manufacturer.
Lavardin amplifiers and cables in Tours
Micromega famous hifi
Naim UK Hifi manufacturer has merged with Focal group (French Focal speakers) in 2011.

Speakers :

Atohm Speakers manufacturer
Davis Acoustics speakers manufacturer
Jean-Marie Reynaud speakers manufacturer in Charentes.
Focal leader of the speaker market in France, based in Saint-Etienne. Owner of Naim hifi company
Leedh speakers manufacturer
PE Leon speakers manufacturer
Waterfall Audio unique glass speakers manufacturer


Amps & sources:

3D Lab hifi manufacturer
A2c hifi manufacturer (no website)
Art & technologie hifi & speakers artisanal manufacturer
Artec : Speakers & hifi manufacturer
Audio Aero Hifi manufacturer
Audiofolia Hifi & cables manufacturer.
Audiomat Artisanal tubes amps manufacturer (no website)
Audiophile Technologie Hifi manufacturer
Audiotub Artisnal tubes amps manufacturer
Cairn hifi manufacturer (older models)
Ceres hifi artisanal manufacturer
Dalix artisanal hifi manufacturer in Dordogne
Eera hifi manufacturer
Euphya hifi artisanal manufacturer ( no website)
Helixir-Audio new amps manufacturer in Marseille
Icos hifi and speakers
Isem Hifi & accessories manufacturer.
Jadis Tube amps manufacturer
J.-C. Verdier Tubes amps & turn tables manufacturer.
Jean Luc B tubes amps artisanal manufacturer
Kallyste Hifi manufacturer
KTR Lab Speakers & tube amps manufacturer
Kora Tubes amps manufacturer
la Rosita Hifi manufacturer
MB2A Tubes amps & speakers manufacturer
Melin audio Speakers and hifi artisnal manufacturer
Metronome technologie Hifi manufacturer.
Mimetism Franco swiss hifi manufacturer.
Neodio Hifi manufacturer in Bordeaux
Soledge Innovative Hifi system
Trinnov Professional audio system & Room/Speaker Optimizer
Vecteur Hifi manufacturer

Speakers :

Abys acoustic speakers manufacturer
Aetherprod speakers manufacturer
Alta Audio speakers manufacturer in Normandie
Apertura speakers and cables manufacturer
Asa artisanal speakers manufacturer
Atlantis acoustique speakers manufacturer
Dyptique Audio : Flat panel speakers manufacturer
Everest Audio speakers manufacturer
Grand Cru audio speakers manufacturer
GAiA speakers manufacturer (no website)
GFK speakers manufacturer
JLA Acoustique Built-in speakers manufacturer
JMB Acoustique speakers manufacturer
JMF audio speakers manufacturer
Kelinac speakers manufacturer
Klinger Fabre Audio : speakers manufacturer
Lecontoure speakers speakers manufacturer
Madotec Granit speakers artisanal manufacturer
Moca audio speakers manufacturer
Mosscade speakers manufacturer
Mulidine (Crista Technolgie) speakers manufacturer
Nautile acoustique artisanal speakers manufacturer.
Odysee Acoustic speakers manufacturer (no website)
Ocellia tube amps, speakers & cables manufacturer
Pascal Louvet speakers manufacturer
Quellis speakers manufacturer in Lille
Recital speakers manufacturer
Strad Audio Speakers, cables & accessories manufacturer
Supravox speakers & speakers kit manufacturer
Siare speakers manufacturer
Venus acoustique speakers manufacturer

Cables :

Absolue creation Cables manufacturer
Cables Esprit Cables manufacturer
Fadel Art cables & hifi accessories manufacturer
HFI Cables & Cie Cables manufacturer and store in Paris
Legato Cables manufacturer
Loic audio Cables manufacturer
MPC Audio Cables manufacturer
Naturelle audio modulation cables manufacturer
Odiosis New speaker cables manufacturer
Real Cables Cables manufacturer
SQ Audio Cables manufacturer
Why Not Cables manufacturer

HIFI accessories :

Aedle New handmade headphones manufacturer
Acoustic System international acoustics resonators
La boite concept New acoustic furniture concept
Lavardin Hifi furniture HIFI k-rak
Montsegur new headphone manufacturer
Norstone accessories, cables and furnitures
OSH audio accessories manufacturer
Parrot : headphones & wireless speakers


Advance acoustic 
Cabasse speakers 


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